Welcome to Upstart Marketing Solutions! 

Your Gateway to Sales Success!

Remote Sales Support - 24 Hours Per Month 

Welcome to Upstart Marketing Solutions – Your Gateway to Sales Success!

Unlock the power of remote sales support tailored to small to medium-sized businesses in Jersey City, NJ, and beyond. Our comprehensive plans are designed to elevate your sales game and drive results in the competitive landscapes of the tech, corporate training, and finance sectors.

With Upstart Marketing Solutions, you get more than just sales support – you get a dedicated team of experts ready to help you reach your goals. Our monthly plans start at only $500, offering incredible value for businesses of all sizes.

Here's what you get with our monthly plan:

  1. 24 Hours of Services Per Month: Flexible usage tailored to your needs. Whether you need inbound or outbound calling, sales plan development, email marketing, customer service, or social media management, we've got you covered.

  2. Inbound and Outbound Calling: Connect with potential leads and clients seamlessly with our expert calling services.

  3. Sales Plan Development: Get strategic guidance and actionable insights to develop a winning sales strategy tailored to your business goals.

  4. Email Marketing: Engage your audience and nurture leads with compelling email campaigns designed to drive conversions.

  5. Customer Service: Provide exceptional support to your clients and customers, building trust and loyalty.

  6. Social Media Management: Elevate your brand presence and engage with your audience across social media platforms.

$499 per month 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your sales efforts and take your business to new heights.

Ready to revolutionize your sales strategy? Get started now with Upstart Marketing Solutions. Purchase your plan instantly and start seeing results today!